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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Children's Drawings

I am fascinated by the psychological implications behind kids' drawings.

There are galleries devoted to children's drawings:

I have been collecting Lana's drawings.  Now that she is five years old and attending kindergarten, it's fun to look back on her progress.
From this:
A cookie, a candy cane and a lot of goodies (with nuts)

A crown

To this:
A mermaid with an octopus and a starfish

Duckling on a moving chair (motion lines) watching a camera

To this:

Crocodile with numbers

A sheep (tail wagging with motion lines) or a goat without horns (a big cow took its horns)

To this:
Baby with sign language for "baby"

A cat with a big rainbow
A rose, blue bell, dandelion with rainbow, clouds and sun

A dolphin with bubbles and seaweed

In fact, I think I will slowly put up a drawing or two (or two hundred) and show them off to the world.  The internet has just become my refrigerator.

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